BCEP Solid Waste District Committee

The District is governed by a twelve member Committee. Three members from each town are appointed annually on April 1st by the Selectmen of each town to serve on the Committee. One member is from the Board of Selectmen, while the other two members are residents of the town. The District Committee meets the last Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM at the District facility, except November (the Thursday before Thanksgiving), and December (Public Hearing on the proposed budget - published in the Suncook Valley Sun).

The public is encouraged to attend.

Committee Members

Selectman Rep. - Edward Tasker - 435-6398
Citizen Rep. - Alan Glassman - 364-9780
Alternate - Richard Duane - 435-6867
Budget Committee - Gary Mullen - 783-6402

Selectman Rep. - Richard Bouchard - 397-7216
Citizen Rep. -Richard Millette - 798-5971
Alternate - Vacant
Budget Committee - Vacant

Selectman Rep. - Hugh A. Curley III - 736-0170
Citizen Rep. - Penny Graham - 736-9044

Alternate Rep. - John Johnson - 736-9900

Budget Rep. - Vacant

Selectman - Gerard A. Leduc - 435-8770
Citizen Rep. - Fred Hast - 435-6912
Budget Committee - Joan Osborne

Alternate - Vacant

Ode to Recycling

Have you heard, it's all over the news?  Planet Mother Earth is singing the blues.  World-wide recycling markets have crashed, some paper and plastic are now getting trashed.  Not good for the planet and here goes the budget, can't tell the taxpayers we're just gonna fudge it!  What once was a profit is now an expense, thanks in big part to China's "Green Fence".  We're sorting and baling and doing our best, to sell a clean product that passes the test.  When the time comes that stops the flow of cash, BCEP will haul recyclables along with the trash!