BCEP Solid Waste District Committee

The District is governed by a twelve member Committee. Three members from each town are appointed annually on April 1st by the Selectmen of each town to serve on the Committee. One member is from the Board of Selectmen, while the other two members are residents of the town. The District Committee meets the last Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM at the District facility, except November (the Thursday before Thanksgiving), and December (posted in the local newspaper).

The public is encouraged to attend.

Committee Members

Ed Tasker (Selectman Rep) - (603)470-9998
Alan Glassman (Citizen Rep) - (603)364-9780
Robb Ellis (Alternate Rep) - (603)418-1418
Michelle Rosado (Budget Rep) - (603)520-8129

Richard Bouchard (Selectman Rep) - (603)397-7216
Richard Millette (Citizen Rep) - (603)798-5971
Richard Moore (Alternate Rep) - (603)798-3695
(Vacant) (Budget Rep)

Virginia Drew (Selectman Rep)- (603)736-9002
Hugh Curley, III (Citizens Rep) - (860)214-6520
John Johnson (Alternate Rep) - (603)736-9900
Betsy Bosiak (Budget Rep) - (603)496-3090

Gerard Leduc (Selectman Rep) - (603)435-8417
Vacant (Citizen Rep) -
Vacant - (Alternate Rep)
Dan Schroth (Budget Rep) (603)435-6048