FAQ Page

Where is the BCEP Located?

The BCEP is located at 115 Laconia Rd (Rt. 107) in Pittsfield, New Hampshire.

What days and hours is the BCEP facility open?

Tuesday - Saturday 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Scales close at 3:45PM

SURVEY - Tell us what you think!!

The District Committee is hosting an informal survey to gather input on changing hours of operation.  We would like to know if opening earlier by one hour each day would be helpful or remaining open later one evening during the week would be more beneficial.  Evening hours would only be available April 1st - Columbus Day weekend.  Please call 435-6237 or email staff@bcepsolidwaste.com with your opinion.

Does the BCEP offer garbage pick up service?

No, the BCEP is a drop-off only facility.

What types of waste do you accept?

The BCEP accepts many different types of waste, please check our Recycling Policies and our Fee Schedule.

Do I need a permit sticker for my vehicle to use the BCEP?

Yes, for more information about obtaining a permit sticker, click here.

What holidays is the BCEP closed?

The BCEP is closed on most major holidays, check the BCEP Holiday Schedule for more info.

What do I do with kitty litter?

Bag it and dispose of it in the trash.

Ask us a Question

We're happy to answer any questions about the BCEP or how we handle recyclables or waste.