Vehicle Permit Stickers

Who needs Permit Stickers? Every vehicle used to bring materials to the District Facility is required to display a Permit Sticker, or make arrangements with District Staff.

Why does the District require Permit Stickers? The District spends a lot of money to dispose of trash. Permit Stickers allow staff to quickly make sure we do not pay for other towns waste.

What do Permit Stickers cost? There is no charge for Permit Stickers. You may receive one for each vehicle you own.

Where can I get Permit Stickers? If your vehicle is registered in one of the four towns, you may get your Permit Sticker at the facility the next time you visit. If you have just moved to the area you will need to show proof of residency or property ownership to receive a Permit Sticker. This needs to be done at your local Town office.

Where does the Permit Sticker go? The Permit Sticker should be placed on the lower right inside windshield. It must be placed so it in no way obstructs your view. Staff at the District will be glad to assist you if you wish.

What about new vehicles? Simply request a new Permit Sticker when you change vehicles. Please remove and destroy the old Permit Sticker from any vehicle you are selling or trading.