Plastic Containers

Recycling Policy For Plastic Bottles

Items include only –
Small mouth plastic containers; water bottles, detergent bottles, soda bottles and milk jugs.  Dispose of them on the upper drive thru floor in the plastic container bunker.


Containers must be rinsed or wiped clean of all food residue or they belong in the trash/garbage.

Exclusions – Please place these items in the trash. Just because it’s made of plastic, doesn’t guarantee we can market it under current  recycling specifications.

Take out, fast food, deli and single serve convenience  containers (clear clamshells,drink/coffee cups) all belong in the trash/garbage.

Flower pots, tubs/Lids, Buckets, Styrofoam, plastic bags, wrap or film – BLACK plastic items – containers that held hazardous products (ie. Waste Oil, Drano or cleaning products)

The numbers inside the chasing arrows only indicate the types of resin used to make the plastic and does not guarantee that there are recycling systems in our areas that can process that type of plastic.  The reality is that if we can’t market it, we can’t recycle it.  Unlimited storage is not available.  We can strive for a cleaner sort of materials with your help.  The cleaner the product equals the less contamination which relates to higher prices for our material when we put it out to bid.  Ways you can help: remove and dispose of caps(container in office for cap return with proceeds helping Davids House), rinse food residue from your containers, do not recycle containers that held toxic fluids such as motor oil and industrial cleaning products.

Final Use
The two main uses for recycled plastic are plastic lumber and new carpeting.