Plastic Containers

Recycling Policy For Plastic Containers

Three separate categories, three separate bins, upper recycling floor.

Items included –

Small mouth plastic containers/jars. #1 PETE or #2 HDPE  ONLY

Numbers are located inside a triangle of chasing arrows, typically on the bottom of the container.

All items must be free of food residue, liquids and grease.  These contaminates will cause our shipments to be rejected.

#1 PETE – translucent(able to see through it when held up to the light – not always absent of color); examples: water, juice and soda bottles or plastic mayo, peanut butter or spaghetti sauce jars.

#2 HDPE NATURAL – (milky, cloudy appearance)

examples – cloudy jugs that contained milk, cider, orange juice and water.  Typically store brand or Oakhurst containers.

#2 HDPE COLORED – assorted #2 colored bottles/containers –

just because I have a color DOESN’T mean this is where I go. Always check the number on the bottom of the container first.

example – laundry detergent, plastic coffee canisters

 No plastic wrapping material, pellet or feed bags, styrofoam (packing peanuts or formed), hard plastics (toys,laundry baskets, outside furniture) electronics, small appliances or garden hoses. 

*#1 & #2 EXCLUSIONS: NO “BLACK” plastic item of any kind – also excludes containers that held waste oil, automotive products, pesticides or cleaning chemicals.


Final Use
The two main uses for recycled plastic are plastic lumber and new carpeting.